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Stagiaire "Still Life with Hillside" Zinfandel, Mendocino, CA 2022

Stagiaire "Still Life with Hillside" Zinfandel, Mendocino, CA 2022

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THE WINE: Zinfandel from Talmage. On a Hillside behind the City Of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Stalwart old vines sway in the afternoon, approximating trees more so than the idea of a vine.

Bit of lore: this cuvee was originally made with a different parcel of Zin back in 2018 under a slightly different name. It was the first time I had done a long infusion of a blend of whole clusters with direct-pressed juice. Something I dreamed up to solve problems and arrive at a style. Now it is everywhere in natural wine(this isn't me saying I invented it or was the first, to all my meme account haters) and I've moved away from it somewhat.

Here California sunshine gushes perfectly ripe strawberries. Mint and dried herbs. Wood from the mill and chaparral. Opulent while remaining light and svelt.

THE PRODUCER: The French word for apprentice and what the winemaker I worked for in Jura called me when other local vigneron asked who the hell the guy speaking really bad French was. 

The name encapsulates humility, impermanence, and the pursuit of knowledge.

I work with vineyards that are organic at a minimum, actively seeking thoughtfull and regenerative practices instead of recipe farming. Most importantly I want to work with good people that are trying to farm with nature instead of against it. Starting in 2020 I am farming a few parcels of my own.

If we have good grapes, why add anything to them in the cellar?

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