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The Folk Machine

The Folk Machine "Valdiguié" Mendocino, CA 2022

The Folk Machine "Valdiguié" Mendocino, CA 2022

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THE WINE: We have been crushing Valdiguié for a long time now. Something about the variety and its uncertain California history have always intrigued me. The wine that we were originally producing was good, interesting and unique, but always more of a blender. Beginning in 2009, we started bottling Valdiguié as a single variety. I think we sort of figured out the grape and the vineyard and a style that we liked for the two.

The Label was created by my long-time design accomplice, Landon Dowlen Each year we put a new camera on the label and they are all from a collection of working and not working cameras that Landon hordes.

THE PRODUCER: The Folk Machine was created in 2005 to primarily be a home for Pinot Noir, but is now also the main venue for our more esoteric line of wines.

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