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Patois "Parallel Voicing" Apple & Grape Cider, Virginia 2022

Patois "Parallel Voicing" Apple & Grape Cider, Virginia 2022

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  • 53% Harrison and Ashmeads Kernel apples harvested in 2022. 25% Harrison and Ashmeads Kernel apples harvested in 2020. Morris Orchard in Monroe, VA. Clays of granitic schist, 950’ elevation. Wil Barnes, grower.

  • 22% Vidal Blanc grapes harvested in 2020 from Bluestone Vineyard in Bridgewater, VA. Silt loam of weathered limestone, sandstone, and shale with chert fragments, 1100’ elevation. Lee Hartman, grower.


  • Virginia experiences wide vintage variability. Late frosts and harvest rains in 2020 produced lean fruit with herbal freshness. 2022 gave us comparatively more ripeness, but rains kept things delicate and earthy. We’re experimenting more with multi-vintage blending to work with such swings.


  • In 2020, we macerated whole cluster Vidal for three days before pressing to ferment in a poly tank. Apples were then crushed into that ferment to macerate for an additional three days before being re-pressed into a 350 L used French oak barrel and poly tank. This wine was racked and aged under voile until the 2022 harvest.

  • 2022 apples were soaked overnight and direct pressed into poly tanks. Once a healthy ambient yeast culture was thriving, we added a small sulfur dose to the 2020 wine and blended it into the 2022.

  • This joint fermentation finished in bottle, aging sur lattes for 11-13 months before being riddled and disgorged by hand.

THE PRODUCER: Patois is Patrick Collins and Danielle LeCompte. Our focus is balance: How do untended apple trees maintain their ecological equilibrium, and how can an orchard mirror this dynamic? How will several successions of microorganisms collectively transform the fruit? How do we align ourselves and our work with the interconnecting cycles of nature? Can two people do this?

We don’t own land because our scale cannot support those costs. Foraging allows us to utilize existing (if scattered) noncommercial fruit of supreme quality. These trees hold both the historical lessons of past plantings - sites proven by survival - and the genetic renewal through seedlings for future resilience. We observe these trees and attempt to restore them where we have regular access. We may also seek to propagate them through both grafting and sprouting seeds should landowners allow. Sometimes we imagine our own orchard of our favorite found varieties interspersed with vines; sometimes we think no single Shangri-La will ever approach the complexity of so many unique inputs assembled by a century of chance.

We work fairly oxidatively in the cellar, due partly to aesthetic aims and partly to our minimal infrastructure. Everything is done by hand on a one or two person scale. Sparkling wine can be constrained by technique and fixed parameters, but we try to think creatively to achieve our goals with only fruit and time. While the ciders and wines will continue to evolve in the bottle upon release, they are not precious and are meant to be enjoyed.

We hope to demonstrate that conventionally undervalued fruit is capable of producing delicious and complex wines when treated with intention and care. 

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