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Matthiasson "Rose" Napa Valley, California 2023

Matthiasson "Rose" Napa Valley, California 2023

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THE WINE: The blend is approximately 40% Grenache, 32% Barbera, 15% Mourvèdre, and 13% Counoise.

Our Rosé is made with intention — it’s neither a by-product nor an afterthought. That means that we keep the vines a little happier and more shaded than for red wine, growing plump, juicy, thin-skinned grapes that are vibrant and refreshing. To capture that zesty brightness, we harvest very early, barely past veraison (when the grapes turn from green to purple), similar to the level of ripeness for sparkling wine. Then we press them quickly and lightly, just like for Champagne.

We whole-cluster press the grapes, settle in a cold tank for 24 hours, then ferment and age the wine “sur lees” in stainless steel barrels. To preserve the acidity we prevent malo-lactic fermentation. We keep the barrels shut tight, no topping or stirring, and the wine is never racked, fined, or cold-stabilized, but since it is ML negative it is filtered before bottling.

THE PRODUCER: Winemaking, for us, is a natural extension of farming. We have both worked for many years in the sustainable agriculture and local food movement, and in 2003 we started Matthiasson Wines based on those values — purity, sense of place, respect, responsibility, deliciousness. Our wines are classical expressions of different grape varieties, some well-known like Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, and some rare like Ribolla Gialla and Refosco. The deeply flavorful wines are refreshing, complement food, and are moderate in alcohol. Our small family winery is fiercely independent, no partners or investors, just the vision of Jill and Steve and a hard-working and passionate team. Our independence allows us to farm organically, with no compromises in the vineyard or the winery, creating the beautiful wines for which we are known.

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