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Marto Weiss

Marto Weiss "Marto" Rheinhessen, Germany 2022

Marto Weiss "Marto" Rheinhessen, Germany 2022

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THE PRODUCER: Marto (Martin Wörner), who studied under Tom Lubbe of Matassa and Gut Oggau, started making wine on his family’s farm in 2016, at the tender age of 24. Since then, he has grown and gradually expanded beyond his mentors’ teachings in an attempt to coax what he calls an “authentic style” (to himself and the regional norm-bearers) out of what is now 5 hectares/12 acres of land. This includes earlier harvests and macerations for white grapes, and long macerations for Pinot Noir, among other idiosyncratic techniques and philosophies. He is a radical, fun person and we’re proud to represent his wines in Louisiana.

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