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Jenny & François

Jenny & François "From the Tank" Rosé, France NV

Jenny & François "From the Tank" Rosé, France NV

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THE WINE: Grapes: Grenache, Cinsault

Vineyard: Loess (a highly porous mixture of sand and clay). The grapes come from Domaine de La Patience’s own organically grown plots and purchases from neighboring growers (Haute Valeur Environmentale – sustainably grown)

Making of: The grapes are direct-pressed, cold-stabilized and then fermented with neutral yeast in concrete and stainless steel tanks (alcoholic fermentation only, no MLF in order to keep freshness and acidity). The wine is then stored in the same tanks on fine lees with regular battonages. Bagged and boxed on-demand to ensure maximum freshness, after fining and light filtration.

Personality: easy-drinking, light rosé full of red berry fruits, for all kinds of gatherings and light food.

THE PRODUCER: From the Tank is Jenny’s very own project, which was born around 2010: “ I was living in France and experienced the centuries-old tradition of going to the local winery with a big jug to fill up with wine for all to enjoy. Making delicious, affordable wines available to everyone is my dream. 

When Jenny created From the Tank®, she was determined to source organically or sustainably-grown grapes that could then be turned into wine with little intervention. The wines she created together with our winemaking partner Christophe Aguilar of Domaine de La Patience in the South of France remain to this day unique in the marketplace of wine: tasty low-intervention wine that can be purchased in retail for the equivalent of $7 – $12 per 750ml bottle. 

The aim was also to create packaging that reduces greenhouse emissions and is easier to transport and serve than traditional glass bottles. Equalling four traditional 750ml bottles, the 3-liter bag-in-box is the most carbon-efficient wine package available and produces the least waste. It has a 55% lower carbon footprint in terms of energy needed for glass production and transportation and produces 85% less landfill waste. The plastic, which is 100% free of BPA or BPS residues, and the paperboard are easily recycled. Its lighter weight (only 7lbs [3.2 kg] for 3 liters of wine compared to the 10+ pounds brutto weight of four standard 0.75 glass bottles) also means reduced fossil fuel emissions further down the logistic chain.

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