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Caneva da Nani

Caneva da Nani "El Vin Col Fondo" Vento, Italy NV

Caneva da Nani "El Vin Col Fondo" Vento, Italy NV

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THE WINE: The 'vin col fondo' is a naturally re-fermented white sparkling wine made with 100% Glera fruit and its must. After a maturation in vats, it is then bottled, and thanks to specific temperature control (15-18°C), the yeast ferments the residual sugars, saturating the wine into bubbles. After about about 60 days, the yeast settles at the bottom of the bottle leaving that unmistakable and unique natural preservative that leads to the wine’s characteristic aroma, texture, and flavor.

'Col fondo' roughly translates to 'sur lies' and intends that the wine has done a partial fermentation in the bottle thanks to a small amount of residual sugar and living yeasts still in the wine when it's bottled in the early Spring.  Though all of the Caneva da Nani property lies within the Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Superiore zone (highest altitude, most respected terroir) he cannot call his col fondo by its DOC name. The DOC does not allow for the wine to be sold under the Superiore DOC if it has a crown cap.  He has experimented with re-fermentation in the bottle under cork but without success, he sights that all Champagne is re-fermented under crown cap and he feels it captures the purity of the wine best.  He could call the wine simply 'Prosecco di Valdobbiadene' but he feels that lumps his land in with the industrial wines being made in the valley below.  

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