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Broc Cellars

Broc Cellars "Love White" North Coast, CA 2021

Broc Cellars "Love White" North Coast, CA 2021

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THE WINE:  50% Picpoul | 21% Vermentino | 14% Clairette | 12% Grenache Blanc | 3% Chenin Blanc

Love White is that easy-drinking, high quality white that’s always there when the moment arises. The varieties in our Rhône inspired blend have evolved over the years, but remain rooted in a pleasant complexity, light aromatics and uplifting body. This vintage is made up of mostly Picpoul and Vermentino. To complete the blend we added a little Clairette, Grenache Blanc and Chenin Blanc which added inviting aromatics, pleasant acidity and balance. Another vintage of Love White we can’t get enough of. 

All white grapes receive a light footstomp on arrival at the winery. It’s an important step for two reasons: We like the complexity the short skin contact gives the wine and, more functionally, treading breaks up the clusters to better fit everything into the press. After a gentle press, the wine goes into mostly neutral barrique with a small fraction into stainless steel tank where it’s fermented and aged.

Our Love Collection showcases California’s best organically farmed and unsung grape varieties at an affordable price. All Broc Cellar wines are made using spontaneous fermentation, which means only native yeasts and bacteria that exist on the grapes are used to make wine. We don’t add anything – this includes nutrients, yeast, bacteria, enzymes, tannins or other popular fermentation agents. Sulphur is a naturally occurring element in all wine, the amount found can vary. Sulphur is never added during fermentation and aging. We add little to no S02 at bottling, depending on the wine, year and style.

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