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Bardos "Winter Walker" Cider, Sonoma, CA

Bardos "Winter Walker" Cider, Sonoma, CA

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THE CIDER: These late varietal, high tannin apples were acquired from historic Walker Family Farm in Graton, Ca. Aged for six weeks in stainless, the result is a clean and complex cider with floral notes on the nose and a dry finish. Harvested throughout the month of November, 2020 and bottled on the day of ♀. No added yeast or sulfites.

THE PRODUCER: Bardos makes cider in the arid climate and sandy-loam soil of Northern California. A collective venture of friends and family, we produce ciders with minimal carbon footprint and a deep appreciation for sustainable agriculture and ancestral wine and cider-making traditions. 

Focusing on apples that have gone feral and derelict, the orchards with which we work are not farmed or irrigated; rather, they are stewarded in their old age. Without any additions other than the fruit we press, the ciders we make are an inspired expression of the unique lives, mysteries, and times of the trees, terroir and their fruit.

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