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Arnot-Roberts "Fellom Ranch" Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Cruz Mountains, CA 2019

Arnot-Roberts "Fellom Ranch" Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Cruz Mountains, CA 2019

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THE WINE: These old, cane-pruned vines struggle in the harsh environment and low-nutrient soils, generating thick skins, and naturally low yields. The soil on the top of this mountain is a complex mosaic of Franciscan Chert, Sandy Loam, Clay and Serpentine, imparting structure and flavors unique to this historic winemaking region. The cool nights and airflow from the Pacific Ocean just 16 miles away help to moderate ripening; extending the growing season and allowing these mature vines to produce balanced fruit with intense concentration and varietal purity. The resulting wines from Fellom Ranch are wildly aromatic and deeply concentrated with dark pigment and fruit, supported by the tannic structure needed for a long life in the cellar before reaching full maturity.

THE PRODUCER: Arnot-Roberts Wines is a joint project of schoolhood friends, Duncan Arnot Meyers and Nathan Lee Roberts. Since founding their winery in 2001, the duo has been one of the most progressive and revolutionary producers on the California landscape.

The cornerstone of their approach starts with a dedication to finding uber-distinctive and often extreme and unique vineyard sites spanning from Mendocino County to the north and to the far reaches of the Santa Cruz Mountains to the south. Interestingly, before Arnot-Roberts, the majority of these vineyards had been previously completely unknown or totally unheralded (e.g. Clary Ranch for Syrah, Fellom Ranch for Cabernet, Luschinger for Trousseau, and Trout Gulch for Chardonnay, among many others).

Although they don't own any of these parcels, a big key to their success is partnering with vineyard owners and viticultural consultants who are willing to take the care, attention and risks to 'harvest' the true potential of grapes. The duo work closely with their vineyard partners to not only up the ante on the farming, but also to encourage them to farm organically with as little impact on the environment as possible. 

While each wine gets its own regime, the general technique includes indegenous fermentations, little or no new wood, and whole-cluster inclusion for the red wines.Cabernet Sauvignon, in a unique twist, is also fermented with partial whole cluster ("to tame the fruitiness"), and then aged in barrels coopered by Roberts himself! His father, in fact, was a cooper and taught him the craft.

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