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Fondo Bozzole

Fondo Bozzole "Foxi" Frizzante, Lombardy, Italy 2021

Fondo Bozzole "Foxi" Frizzante, Lombardy, Italy 2021

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THE WINE: 100% Trebbiano Romagnolo direct-press. Spontaneous fermentation. Aged in stainless steel. Re-fermented in bottle. No filtering or fining and minimal sulfur addition as necessary.

THE PRODUCER: Brothers Franco and Mario Accorsi are farmers at heart, more specifically they primarily cultivate orchards filled with local varieties of pears and apples. The farm was run by their grandfather Ezio who raised cows and produced cheese sold in the local markets around south eastern Lombardy. Today Franco and Mario have integrated orchard fruit production with several small parcels of old vineyards and focus on producing wines from near-lost indigenous varieties of lambrusco. All the vineyard work is done organically (they are in the process of becoming certified), yields are limited and natural fermentations and low sulfur additions are key to their production. The OltrePo` Mantovano is, as the name suggests, on the banks of the Po` River Valley to the south of the village of Mantova. Soils are clay and limestone mixed with alluvial deposits left by the river. This unique and tiny DOC is the only appellation outside of Emilia-Romagna that produces true lambrusco.

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