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Mutiliana "Ecce Draco" Bianco Forli, Emilia-Romagna, Italy 2019

Mutiliana "Ecce Draco" Bianco Forli, Emilia-Romagna, Italy 2019

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THE WINE: Apennine bianco mountain wine. A nervous, and non-fruity wine; where the soil, shaded valley of Ibola, and the marl and sandstone soils take center stage more than the grape varieties.

THE PRODUCER: Modigliana [Mo-DILL-ee-anna] is a relatively undiscovered high altitude sub-zone for Sangiovese, comparable to Radda or Lamole in Chianti, and the winery Mutiliana, tucked in the rustic Apennines mountains of Romagna, is quickly becoming a reference point producer. Multiliana’s vineyards lie in the eastern part of the Emilia-Romagna region. If the western Emilia brings to mind lasagna, aceto balsamico, Parmigiano, Ferrari, and jewel-like small cities like Modena, this mountain part of Romagna is way more low-key and less luxurious. A popular local dish is the unleavened simple flat bread sandwich called piadina; the tortelli here are stuffed with potatoes, not prosciutto. And yet. rustic mountain fare aside, the Sangiovese here is extremely elegant, due to the high altitude, and marl and sandstone soils. And, in a nod back to wealthy Emilia from rustic Romagna, you’ll find Multiliana’s Sangiovese on the tasting menu in one of the world’s best restaurants in Modena.

Mutiliana [moo-TIL-ee-anna] is owned by local resident Giorgio Melandri, who is transitioning from a career as a wine journalist to grower and cellar master. His aim has been to search for old vineyards of high altitude Sangiovese grown on marl and sandstone soils, choosing to buy and long-term lease them one by one as he finds them.

Giorgio is meticulous and hands on: he watches over the grapes basking in the cool sun all summer into the fall, he then leaves the fermentations to go as long as possible, tasting the wines from tank each morning for up to a month. He doesn’t press until all the flowers and herbs he saw in the summer come back into focus in his tasting glass.

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