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Milan Nestarec

Milan Nestarac "Běl" White, Moravia, Czech Republic 2022

Milan Nestarac "Běl" White, Moravia, Czech Republic 2022

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THE WINE: My unassuming Moravian roots. Made with "common" local grapes (mainly Gruner Veltliner, our signature grape, plus Welschriesling, and Muller-Thurgau) that always used to be blended together for an everyday wine. It's only logical - these varieties don't overripe easily, so the wine is low in alcohol and easy to drink, an ideal combination for a wine that's drunk in masses by the masses.

It's a wine made in a very classical way, with no maceration, just gentle press and then some time in tanks. The idea here is to have wine that you can drink with literally everyone, be they natural wine fans or haters.

Běl used to have the same label as my White Label range, which actually didn't make much sense as its character and winemaking are quite different. So we came up with this brand new packaging, whose "rustic finesse" conveys better the message in the bottle. To make it really "us", the label is now a linocut made by my dear wife Mirka, and we found a cute plump bottle whose shape and crown cap transport me right to my childhood when we used to buy beer or juice in such containers. We kept the liter volume, of course, as it's an important part of Moravian wine heritage. Or you can call it “minimagnum”, like my Montréal friends.


THE PRODUCER: Milan Nestarec is not a winery. Nestarec is ideas that just happen to be represented through wine,” reads one of the first lines on this Moravian prodigy’s captivating website. It is a fitting description: first, because the sheer diversity and dynamism of Nestarec cuvées reflect the centrifuge in his head (“my colleagues must sometimes hate me and my constant chorus of “can’t we do it better / differently?” he admits with a chuckle). Secondly, because there’s a gradual development of Nestarec wines towards more precision and “essence over style”, which absolutely reflects the winemaker’s personal journey – and it’s quite a fascinating story to follow. (And drink.)

Where is the starting line for someone born in the biggest wine-growing village in the Czech Republic, where virtually every family had a couple of vines planted somewhere and made wine for their own consumption? Although Milan’s father originally repaired roofs for a living, wine was always present in their daily lives – so much so that Milan never even considered another career, ever. The family journey towards professional winemaking started when he was little, after the Velvet revolution in 1989, when the Czech state returned to them a tiny plot previously confiscated by the communists (the socialist regime forbade virtually any private business after WWII, including farms), and Milan’s father started to season-work in a German vine nursery. 

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