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Biscaris “Frappato Rosato” Sicily, Italy 2023

Biscaris “Frappato Rosato” Sicily, Italy 2023

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THE WINE: The winemaking here is also refreshingly straightforward.   Vinification happens steps away from the Casazza vineyard, in a building that was formerly Stefano’s father’s car dealership.  No maceration on the white, yes maceration on the reds until the wine is dry.  Everything in stainless steel, bottled unfined and unfiltered, and released between the Spring and Summer the year after harvest.  The wines are healthy, honest, and typical, transporting you right to southeast Sicily, reminding you why the wines of this area are so beloved.

THE PRODUCER: Owner Antonia Guardabasso and her daughter-in-law, Veronica Gentoli, manage what is truly a family affair, as most of their workers are also relatives!  Biscaris’ first commercial harvest was in 2004, after meeting Nicolas Joly, who encouraged them to both produce their own wine and do it through biodynamics.  In addition to the classic biodynamic preparations 500 and 501, for soil and plant vitality, the family will use stinging nettle extract, quassia wood powder, chamomile, and valerian as natural insecticides, if needed.   To combat downy mildew and oidium, only copper and sulfur are used.

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