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Beurer "Rosé" Trocken, Swabia, Germany 2023

Beurer "Rosé" Trocken, Swabia, Germany 2023

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THE WINE: Beurer makes a rosé that drinks like biodynamic Gatorade – this wine zings: it is pure energy. It is fresh like a spring garden around 6am just as the overeager sun pokes its gonzo eye above the horizon, pushing away the wet dew. This rosé is a saignée of Trollinger, Portugieser, Zweigelt and Spätburgunder, all farmed biodynamically and fermented with native yeast.

THE PRODUCER: Among winemakers in Germany, Beurer is revered and his whites and reds are nearly always considered among the greats. Few winemakers are able to achieve such thrust and such purity, from the simpler Trollinger and Portugieser up to Grauburgunder, Sauvignon Blanc and, yes, Riesling.

I have met few winemakers who seem to see the “whole” as clearly and succinctly as Beurer does. Jochen farms both organic and biodynamic (he is Demeter certified)

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