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Bainbridge & Cathcart

Bainbridge & Cathcart "Masha" Chenin Blanc, Anjou, Loire Valley, France 2021

Bainbridge & Cathcart "Masha" Chenin Blanc, Anjou, Loire Valley, France 2021

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THE WINE: Chenin Blanc. Direct press into fiberglass / stainless tank aged in barrel. A topped up barrel for the first year, the second left to its own devises for the second year. One barrel, all done by gravity. Fermentation in tank then transferred to barrel. Mostly grapes from a plot of young planted in Bonnezeaux. No filtration.13° abv 20mg/l total SO2. Malolactic.

THE PRODUCER: Toby and Julie are incredible friends who have the most kind and endearing spirit of anyone I know. They are honest, hardworking, winemakers who look at their trade with the patience and serenity of a master craftsman, and the humbleness and tenacity of your neighborhood milkman. Toby's an ex-pat from the UK, and Julie found him working on a harvest crew in Protection, Kansas. After a long courtship they have settled in Anjou with their two young children. In the early 2000s, Toby started working with Didier Chaffardon and the couple made their first wine in 2007, the same year they gave birth to their first son. Approximately 6.5 hectares of their 8ha are currently under vine with drought resistant soil, rich in calcium.

All their vineyards are worked organically. They focus on wines for drinking: fresh, bright and natural. In the cellar, macerations are generally short and neutral vessels are always used, whether fiberglass or stainless steel.

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